mobile Business

Creating Value for Customers/Share holders/ Employees
key customers
  • - As smart phone users increased and the devices for web has moved from PC to smart phones, Brenex provides
    smart phone – optimized homepage environment, consulting user’s convenience and accessibility, user-oriented website and smart phone apps.
  • - By easy and intuitive UI, accessibility of information is improved
  • - Creating future value by using SNS and interlocking with it
key customers
  • - Operating System Development is designed for iPhone and Android
    • - Application Plan/design/DB/Programming & Inspection
  • - Smart Phone Contents Development
    • - Contents Plan/Edit/Conversion/Registration/Supervision
  • - Avoid touching information more than 3 steps in depth to find the information that an user wants
  • - Service Marketing: App Registration & its public relations
  • - If an additional contents happens, the function of ADD is provided
  • - When developing a mobile web, it is interworked with other mobile web
key customers
  • As various OSs & High performance smart phones show up and the demand for introduction of mobile office increases, the mobile office is developed after review of various considerations by prior issues.